New Start, New Course, New Faces … and of course: New project!

Back in London in a new flat. By the time I settled and started to feel comfortable in my new room, Uni nocked on the door: First Day! Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication. Day one was a typical lots-of-new-faces-I-hardly-remember-and-impressions-I-wouldn’t-know-how-to-classify kind of day with lots of welcome and introductory talks. Day two felt quite similar as again: new tutors, new classroom and lots of talking. Despite the fact that on Friday morning there were other two new Tutors who we were introduced to (which means more names and faces), day three started to feel a little less confusing and I already could start to imagine how my weekly routine would look like for the forthcoming months. This time not much space was left to warm welcomes and general talking about LCC (what we do and how we do it), instead we had a very clear and focused PowerPoint presentation about what is ISHE (Introduction to Study in Higher Education) what we can expect and what is expected of us. After that we were introduced to our First Project (hurrah!) and we started to get some deeper insight about the brief that already had been on Moodle for a few weeks and which had raised questions to more than one of us.

The first time I read about our Zine Project my very first thought had been:


I occasionally overheard a classmate asking the same question to a girl on our first day so luckily by Friday I kind of knew what they where talking about (I intentionally chose not to look anything up on the internet in advance – I wanted to safeguard the surprise effect I so much loved during my Foundation when being introduced to a new project or unit). As our tutors carried on explaining the brief a small knot started to tighten my stomach – a feeling I know quite well, I hate and love it at the same time. It usually occurs when lots of questions come to my mind all together such as “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? HOW AM I GOING TO DO IT? WHEN? WILL I BE ABLE TO MANAGE TIME? WILL I SUCCED? DID I GET EVERYTHING RIGHT? WHERE DO I START? WILL I GET IT RIGHT? WHAT SHOULD I INCLUDE?… “. I used to have the same feeling every time I went into the arena at a competition (when I was still training horses) and every time I told myself “this is going to be THE LAST TIME – I can’t bear this” and systematically by the time I finished my round and went out the arena I wanted to feel that again, such an adrenaline rush! Obviously with design briefs it isn’ t exactly the same (maybe slightly less exciting compared to sports?) but still there is a lot of pressure coming up. However I know you always tend to feel more anxious and lost right at the beginning because the brief looks like if you have mount Everest in front of you – and you NEVER know which way to go – but then as soon as you start your way up the mountain you feel a little better.

So let’s get going and let’s see where this journey will take us!




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