A Sunday stroll in East London

Sunday brunch is one of my absolute favourites. What can you love more than avocado on toast with poached eggs, eggs royale and a pile of fluffy pancakes with berries, cream and maple syrup? Yumm! After having greedily devoured everything my boyfriend and I felt quite stuffed so we decided to stroll around Shoreditch hoping to digest a bit.

That was the perfect occasion for me to finally go and see Columbia Road Flower Market. I spotted it on Instagram (which I personally think is probably the best Social Network) in March and desperately wanted to visit it one day ever since. I have a real passion for both markets and flowers, so a flower market seems to be The Perfect Match. We reached Columbia Road when most stalls were already clearing (which actually was not a bad timing as they try to sell all the flowers left so you get them reduced).

What always fascinates me in street market is the atmosphere and the customs and cultural habits you get to feel. The cultural reality is rather crude but very intense and true. Moreover street markets make me feel as if I was living in times where artisans still produce most of the goods and in which department stores and supermarkets do not exist. At Columbia Road I really appreciated that only flowers and small plants are being sold which means the market is entirely dedicated to natural goods with no aim to be consumed like food or clothes, instead they have an ornamental purpose; one can look at them and just admire their beauty. Even if most of the flowers sold are being planted and none of them grow naturally and wild I still see flowers as pure and a nature’s gift.

What made our visit to Columbia Road even more valuable was coming across what looked like a small shop but actually was an artist’s exhibition space. Rebecca Louise Law is a contemporary artist which mainly makes flower installations. Her work was very inspiring to me and I very much enjoyed her organic taste and the way she gives a modern touch to simple objects such as an old-fashioned wall divider by adding flowers.

At home I googled her and had a look at her website. I found out she must be quite famous for her flower installations and also works a lot in the fashion industry (have a look at her Project videos!)

20141012_154106 20141012_154453

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