Zine update


I noticed I haven’t posted anything on my zine project anymore! Apologies 🙂 Here are some news: as you may have guessed from my post “Survey! Your answers are great feedback for my project!” I finally decided to make my zine about tea… I’ ve been drinking tea for breakfast since I was a child and my addiction to it has grown while I became older (if I carry on like this I will become a tea plant sooner or later haha). So I thought my personal addiction to tea could be a good starting point for my project. As soon as I started researching I came across so many different subject areas as there are sooo many things connected to tea: history, culture, technical improvements, food, diet etc. Very soon I figured out I actually do not know anything about tea. For example did you know that black and green tea are the result of different processes (oxidation time varies) but they come from exactly the same plant (Camelia Sinensis) ? Well I did not know… and this is just one of the many things I am learning and discovering.

Actually the more my research goes on the more I am getting passionate about the whole subject and I’ m really happy about this because at first I was worrying whether the subject I chose would have been interesting enough but now I can tell it is really keeping me going! To be honest now my problem is I might end up researching too much and then kind of get lost and not be able to narrow my content down, which indeed I already have to do since the brief says: 1500 words essay and 12 pages!

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