Zine stress

Ok I am really getting stressed. I am getting more and more excited about our project but hand in is getting closer and I am kind of stuck! Still have to sort out my content and I’m struggling because there is so much I would like to talk about. My key points of interest are production of tea (harvest, oxidation etc.) and the different tea varieties and blends and the history of tea (from ancient China until nowadays). Meanwhile I am also trying to figure out the images I am going to use, the paper I will print on and the binding. I am definitely using a matt paper, possibly not white but cream or a recycled one, still not sure whether to choose a smooth or a rough one – will have to do some test prints!

There are many images and ideas floating around in my head but I would like to find a coherent style to use throughout my publication and have a simple, minimalist but well designed outcome.

Here is a possible zine cover I am working at:

Cover 1The map aims to represent the native areas of the tea plant and the trade of it from east to west. It is not finished yet but let’s see how I will get on.

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