Nearly there…

Yeay! I finally sorted out my content: my zine focuses on tea history only, following the spread of tea through the world, from its discovery in China to its exportation to Tibet, Mongolia, Japan and then to Europe and finally to America. Thanks to the valuable feedback of my tutor and my peers (and some good moments of inspiration of course 🙂 ) after a lot of experimentation I have been able to put together some good imagery and my zine nearly ready to be printed.

Still need to add some stages of the production process to my sketchbook and then print out the final flatplan (which is another outcome we have to submit to pass the unit) and then HAND IN on Tuesday the 9th of Dec and then… Holidayyyssss!! Which of course means: Going home hurray!

Last power sprint- I think I will be quite happy with what I will submit.

Here are some experimentations and some final images (don’t want to give away too much yet)

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