Start of Term 02

Back in London from a few days. Time flies, holidays are already a remote sweet memory of happy days back home with the people I love. But let’s not be nostalgic, instead full of power for the new term and our new projects! Yesterday (Tuesday 13th of January 2015) we have been introduced to our new project ” Crimes against Design”. Big news is it is going to be a group project. Groups have been decided by our tutors, there are three of us in my group. Working in a group is always a challenging experience but I am confident we will do great! Every tutor has given their group (in my case group E) a location (for us it’s Waterloo) and all of the groups of group E have to find “good” and “bad” designs at Waterloo Station and the adjacent map.

The good and bad designs can be of various nature, be it graphic, typographic, architectural, spatial, environmental etc. Later on we will have to pick one “bad” design and redesigned it and plan an intervention. We will be marked on two final outcomes for this project: our intervention and redesigned “bad” design (for which we will get a grade as a group) and  a research document (for which we will get an individual grade). The research document will be a kind of edited sketchbook containing our ideas development and progression throughout the project – more info on this in the following weeks.

After the project’s launch we all went off to our respective locations to gather research and to find some “good” and “bad” designs to bring in next Tuesday.

Here are some of the pictures we took at Waterloo station:

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