Project 03: Genius Loci

Omg! Another project this term, which makes a total of three projects!emoji-7

This studio based project is called Genius Loci, which in Latin means spirit of a place. In classical Roman religion every place had its protective spirit, a guardian. Nowadays it defines the non-material characteristics of a place or space, hence the “soul” of a place. It refers to the distinctive atmosphere or spirit of a location. For the project we are asked to select a location and produce work that captures its individual genius loci. The project will be split in two phases: in phase one we are asked to produce a 10-15 seconds film that gives a sense of our chosen space, the atmosphere and the feelings it may evoke. There are some restrictions in this part of the project:

  • no voiceover
  • no soundtrack → only original sounds you can hear at the location
  • no text on screen
  • no filter

The film will then have to be uploaded on the course vimeo account.

In phase two instead we have absolutely no boundaries! We have to produce a minimum of other two outcomes. They can be in form of type, illustration, screenprints, 3D or even another film (no restrictions of length and editing). Also in phase two obviously the idea is to capture the spirit of the place and we may even go beyond that.

I’ll definitely go on location hunting this weekend! I already have some places I think could be appropriate for this project but I don’t want to already bound myself to one. It is a good chance to explore London, there are still so many places I’ve never been to. So let’s go out and stroll through the city (although I must admit this weather is not so appealing). Looking at the tube map might be a good starting point…

Standard Tube map

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