Genius Loci location update

So here are some news on my Genius Loci project. After going on location hunting I decided to go for one of the first locations who came to my mind while reading the brief: Portobello Road and Market!

“What a cliché” you will think, which it might actually be, but to me Portobello is a special place. First of all it’s a market and I have a desperate passion for markets (probably inherited from my mum), I just love the vibrant atmosphere, all that trading and goods being sold, money being passed from hand to hand, shouting, customers selecting the goods they like most, sellers trying to sell their stuff, colours, rustic and eccentric characters…

I go there every Saturday (and sometimes on weekdays as well if I’ m not at uni) to buy fresh fruit and veg, it is much more convenient than in most supermarkets and the quality is better, and for me going to Portobello is like a moment to enjoy for myself, something I do to take good care of myself, I like waking up and try to be there before 10AM (if not earlier) to avoid the crowds of tourists. I like taking the bus for a few stops and looking out of the window. I like avoiding the tube sometimes. I like walking to Portobello and then walking back via Westbourne Grove and Pembridge Crescent and marvel at some beautiful houses on the way. I like the other locals who go to Portobello to buy food. I like observing some stall owners while they work and wonder how their life is, what they do when not in Portobello.

To complete the project I will obviously have to look even closer at things and investigate much more. But I think already having some sort of connection to the place is a good way to start off. It might be the right occasion for me to get to talk to the people I see there every week and maybe find some answers to questions I had for a long time. I don’t know yet what other outcomes I will produce for phase two of the project but I am sure this location will leave enough space for experimentation and creativity!

Here are some of my first images:

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