I remember Harriet’s lecture #2

So here is another “I remember”  from Harriet’s lecture. This time I did a continuous line drawing because that was actually what Andrew wanted us to do (I kind of did not get the task completely right at first). It was interesting doing it again after some more time has passed because if I confront this outcome and the first one I posted, I can see how they differ from each other. Words I wrote will follow after the picture.


I remember lines all kind of lines I remember cave paintings I remember one depicting a hunting scene and another being more abstract I remember hands on a wall I remember natural pigments I remember memory and different ways to remember things I remember a group exercise where we drew lines and talked about lines I remember drawing my way to college in a very simplified manner and I remember my classmates taking much longer because they were doing it more accurately I remember body lines I remember the lecture being different from what I expected

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